Nashville's Private Sanctuary. Since 1843.

Recently named one of the “Top 5 Cigar Bars in the US” by the Robb Report and reminiscent of its first incarnation nearly 110 years ago, The Standard Club offers a place where a diverse group of Nashville leaders can congregate for social events, meetings and story swapping.

Membership is open to men and women who enjoy fine wine, hand-rolled cigars and great food. All must be dedicated to the advancement of Nashville and their fellow members, pay yearly dues and be officially sponsored by another member in good standing.

Those who join receive VIP treatment in all areas of the restaurant plus an exclusive wine locker and cigar box. They also gain access to private meeting rooms for their guests and parties. In addition to monthly events, they have the option to attend three black tie gatherings every year: two Gentleman's Brawls and The Masquerade Ball.

Those who appreciate the opportunity, our Wine and Cigar Societies are both educational and social. And they attract some of the biggest names in the wine and cigar business.

The Standard Club is private but not secretive. Grand but not pretentious. But the members-only aspect of the club creates a safe haven that our members find invaluable.

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